“Roses Aren’t Red”

Title: “Roses Aren’t Red”

Location: Buffalo Exchange Annex, 226 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

Client: Buffalo Exchange

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery & Pat McKinney

Medium: Aerosol on concrete

Size of Surface: 35’ x 15’

Duration of Installation: 3 days  

Project Goals: Having painted the storefront of the Buffalo Exchange’s Annex location once before, artists Pat Milbery and Pat McKinney already had a pulse on the neighborhood’s vibe and what the community would be receptive to.

Given a lot of creative freedom with this design, the artists mixed Milbery’s love for patterns and floral motifs with McKinney’s recognizable, cartoon-like characters to create a design that was eye-catching and creative without taking itself too seriously. The resulting mural made the building pop amongst the surrounding businesses. The vibrant colors mixed with the rainbow flags that adorned the building for PRIDE week made for awesome photos and received a lot of traffic both on social media as well as through local media outlets. #MakeArtNotHate