Mountain Range

Title: Mountain Range

Location: The Douglas Apartments, 2300 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205

Client: The Douglas Apartments

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery, Jason Graves & Hunter Stevens

Medium: Aerosol and acrylic on concrete

Size of Surface: 9’ x 72’

Duration of Installation: 3 days  

Project Goals: As the city of Denver has embraced street and public art with open arms and new apartment buildings have popped up all over the city due to the influx of new residents, massive apartment complexes like the Douglas are constantly looking for unique ways to not only draw new residents in but also create inviting environments current residents will love. As residents of the Douglas, artists Pat Milbery and Hunter Stevens identified three different spaces around the building that needed some love.

The first location was the covered garage residents drive into to access the main doors of the building, guest parking and the two resident parking areas. With a young and active resident demographic and a MASSIVE wall, Milbery and Stevens created a sweeping geometric mountain range that ran along the length of the space. The muted color palette matched those used in the Douglas’ brand identity and created a welcoming atmosphere without going too over-the-top.

Hand-painting much of the piece rather than using the traditional aerosol paint, the piece became a study in clean, precise lines.