“Love This City” – Santa Fe Art District

Location: El Noa Noa Restaurant, 722 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO 80204

Client: Visit Denver

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery, Jason Graves & Pat McKinney

Medium: Aerosol on concrete

Size of Surface: 34’ x 20’

Duration of Installation: 3 days

Project Goals: Artist Pat Milbery had been sitting with the “Love This City” concept for a few years before he was approached by Visit Denver to create what would end up being four different murals throughout Downtown Denver. Designed by Jason Graves and Milbery with input from the owners of El Noa Noa Restaurant, El Taco De Mexico and other locals around the Santa Fe Art District community, the idea of “Love This City” quickly became something much bigger.

Blending colors and cultural influences from the local demographic with well-known Denver icons was a major component of the design the artists wanted to include. What resulted was a vibrant piece that instantly catches the eye, whether walking along Santa Fe visiting various galleries or driving on one’s daily commute.