“Love This City” - RiNo

Location: eTuk Ride – Denver, 3860 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205

Client: TEDxMileHigh Adventures

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery, Jason Graves, Pat McKinney & Remington Robinson

Medium: Aerosol on concrete

Size of Surface: 15’ x 50’

Duration of Installation: 2 days

Project Goals: The fourth and final (so far) installment of the “Love This City” campaign was also the first TEDxMileHigh Adventure the Creative Division helmed. In collaboration with eTuk Ride and the RiNo Arts District, the artists led 15 teenagers along a tour of the various murals around RiNo, instructed them in the art of aerosol can control, discussed public art, career paths in the art world and how to follow their passion.

The day ended with the artists and participants painting the large mural together, creating a beautiful and memorable piece of art for all involved. A major passion for all four artists in the Creative Division has been working with kids of all ages and this was the perfect opportunity to help the participants grow their creative passions. Collaboration is a powerful thing and this mural was living proof of just how well it can work.

Title: “Get Closer”

Location: Novo Coffee, 3008 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

Client: TEDxMileHigh Adventures

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery & Jason Graves

Medium: Aerosol on concrete

Size of Surface: 8’ x 25’

Duration of Installation: 1 day

Project Goals: According to the TEDxMile High Adventures website, the goal of these adventures is to, “invite you to explore big ideas - up close and personal - as you experience the work and vision of Colorado creatives, innovators and thought-leaders…. Through these experiences, we invite you to “get your hands dirty” with big ideas and take action to build a better Colorado and a better world.”

Our team of artists was approached by Cate Croft from TEDxMileHigh to create another unique, one-of-a-kind experience for the participants of the adventure. The mural is in the heart of RiNo, at the headquarters of Novo Coffee and the artists drew from Novo’s brand identity and color palette to create a warm and inviting piece of art. Along with a tour of the RiNo neighborhood, participants were instructed in the art of painting with aerosol and then had the chance to put their newfound skills to use on another community mural.

Much like the first Adventure, the artists were beyond ecstatic to give back through another community mural. Passing along creative skills along with mentoring aspiring artists are two things the Creative Division aims for when approaching community projects such as this. The team behind the TEDxMileHigh Adventures are creating meaningful and unique experiences around the city and the artists were humbled to have been a part of them.