“Love This City” – Ballpark Neighborhood

Location: Unleaded Group, 2314 N Broadway Suite 100, Denver, CO 80205

Client: Visit Denver

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery, Jason Graves, Pat McKinney & Remington Robinson

Medium: Aerosol on concrete

Size of Surface: 28’ x 78’

Duration of Installation: 5 days

Project Goals: While the team has created many pieces they are proud of, this one might be the crown jewel. At 28 feet by 78 feet, if you are driving North on Park Avenue and miss this vibrant mural, it might be time to visit the eye doctor!

Blending bright colors with geometric patterns has become something of a calling card for the Creative Division and no mural demonstrates that more than this piece. Drawing inspiration from the “I Love You So Much” wall in Austin, which has become a must-see place to visit while in the city, the Creative Team wanted to paint something that would have the same effect. It’s been truly amazing to see the response this mural has received, not only on a local but national and international level as well! In fact, it was written up on 9News to be the most “Instagram-able” places in Denver and the wall has gained traction on social media along with being the backdrop for various marketing campaigns.