“In A New Light”

Title: “In A New Light”

Location: University of Northern Colorado, Crabbe Hall, 501 20th St, Greeley, CO 80639

Client: University of Northern Colorado

Artist’s Involved: Pat Milbery & Andrew Bablo

Medium: Aerosol on concrete

Size of Surface: 55’ x 20’

Duration of Installation: 10 days

Project Goals: The 98-year-old Crabbe Hall, located at the University of Northern Colorado Greeley, has housed some of Colorado’s best and brightest art students over the years. Surprisingly, while the building houses galleries to showcase student work, the actual interior of the building has never been transformed. Boston-based artist Andrew Bablo (of Steez Magazine) and artist Pat Milbery were approached by the director of the UNC Galleries to transform not only the floor-to-ceiling hallway walls but the ceiling as well, giving the space a much-needed update.

Drawing inspiration from mosque art and Art Deco architecture, visual art and design elements, Bablo and Milbery created a design that was both vibrant and inviting. Playing off the classic oak paneling in the Oak Room Gallery, Bablo and Milbery incorporated a contemporary design that unexpectedly compliments the more traditional characteristics of the gallery. Over the course of 10 days (one that fell on the solar eclipse!), this east coast/west coast collaboration resulted in a site-specific, immersive mural that will greet visitors and students entering the building for years to come.