Bus To Show School Buses

Title: Bus To Show School Buses

Location: City of Denver

Client: Bus to Show, Bumble and Bumble Bizz

Artist’s Involved: Remington Robinson, Pat McKinney and Pat Milbery

Medium: Aerosol on metal

Size of Surface: 2.5’ x 45’ (both sides of each bus)

Duration of Installation: 7 days

Project Goals: Having already painted a mural on one Bus to Show bus in the past, it seemed a no-brainer that artist Pat Milbery would want to team up with the organization again. Bus to Show, in partnership with the Bumble dating app and their newest app, Bumble Bizz which connects professionals, provided the Creative Division with two buses to transform. These buses will then provide safe rides to passengers going to and from Red Rocks Amphitheater and various other concerts and events around the Denver/Boulder area.

The buses were prepped and much of the art was painted at the Bus to Show headquarters before moving over to the Colorado CRUSH event in RiNo. The artists then finished up the work, live-painting in front of CRUSH attendees and other members of the public. Blending elements of realism with the hand-painted Bumble and Bumble Bizz logos and recognizable Denver icons created an eye-catching mobile advertisement that will remain on these buses through at least the end of the year. Using realistic portraits of local Denverites added an element of relatability as many Bumble users are young professionals and millennials. This one was a blast to create as it allowed the artists to create sumptuous gradient fades that look amazing in person.