“Community Channels” Montbello

November 30, 2017 ·

We were approached by District 11 councilwoman Stacie George and her team to transform a 240 foot section of storm canals in front of Montbello High School as part of Mayor Hancock's "Imagine 2020 District Challenge" for the 2017 Denver Arts Week. Montbello, a Northeastern neighborhood of Denver and one of the largest neighborhoods of the city, means "Beautiful Mountains," and we tried to honor that in our design. Our team has always really enjoyed and been inspired by the design of the Denver flag so we also wanted to include that as part of the art.

With the help of the fine folks over at Denver Parks and Rec, Public Works, 125 AMAZING volunteers and 27 gallons of paint, it was a marathon of community painting and fun over the course of two days. It was an honor to work with the community of Montbello and see how the residents came together and created an amazing piece of public art. There are 8 miles total of these concrete storm drains around Montbello and hopefully this opened the door for more public art opportunities in the future. 



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