·  Remington Robinson


Remington Robinson is an artist living in Boulder, CO. He has been inspired by and has pursued art for much of his life. As the son of an architect, Remington’s first instruction came at a young age from his father, who prized craftsmanship. Formative years were spent in Chagrin Falls, OH learning to perfect the art of doodling with drafting templates and rulers in his father's office, in conjunction with finding inspiration at home from living with the numerous paintings created by his great-Grandfather, the Cleveland impressionist painter August Biehle. Although a classically trained realist painter, Remington has also enjoyed experimenting with different styles and mediums, including impressionism, surrealism, visionary art, graffiti, calligraphy and hand-lettering, collage, sound art and electronic music, abstract and non-objective art, and plein air painting.

In 2006, Remington Robinson and Pat Milbery met through snowboarding. Although they had worked on a handful of collaborative art pieces over the years, it wasn't until ten years later in 2016 that they began regularly collaborating on murals together as part of the So Gnar Creative Division. Remington brings an extra element of fine art to the streets by utilizing his realism and impressionistic painting techniques, more likely to be found in art galleries than in street art.

The most significant people who have informed the direction of Remington’s artistic abilities include formal training and non-formal influences from the following: his father Frank Robinson, his mother Kathy Spresser, the instruction of the art teacher David King at Chagrin Falls High School in Ohio, fellow students Caroline Polachek and Nick Johnson at CU Boulder, the pop star Björk, mentor and teacher ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, and professor Clark Richert at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Lakewood, CO, where he earned a BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2010.