·  Jason T. Graves


Jason T. Graves, is a multi media Artist currently residing in Colorado. Starting his Fine Art education at a young age, Jason eventually finished his formal training as a graduate of The School Of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. Jason is the Co-Owner of Apollo Ink Printing and Graphic Design that he and his business partner established in 2006. Jason is also a primary contributor to the concepts, designs and production of the prolific Murals and Works of Art that are being produced by the Artist group operating under the name of the So-Gnar Creative Division. Jason is best known for his strong work ethic and consistent creative abilities. His desire to help and encourage others by way of this artistic talents speaks to his friendly gentle nature and unselfish outlook on life. As a multifaceted artist Jason’s is always finding a way to be creatively active and contribute to the cultural landscape that surrounds him.